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Do you over-function?

Do you over-function

. A perfect balance in any partnership is easier said than achieved . Most partnerships turn resentful when one is an over functioner. . An over functioner steps above the brief – takes on more than is needed and healthy and in the long term, burns out and renders the …

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You Can Mother Yourself

Mother Yourself

. Motherhood comes with a whole set of expectations – can you meet them all? Of course not. . How to walk the golden mean of being the perfect mother? Don’t even go there. . Complete acceptance and nurture – a mother is naturally wired to offer these. . A …

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Who needs Monday motivation?

Who needs Monday motivation

We all know about the Monday work motivation – what about a Monday selflove motivation? In my podcast on building self-trust Let’s begin Setting three big goals for yourself and three for each day? What are the three big goals you can achieve this week? Say for me, I …

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