Monthly Archives: August 2020

Manage your mental health

You know yourself the best. When you feel out of sync, when you don’t feel together and integrated in your body and mind – you know it. But do you act on the same or ignore? Do you allow your stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression build day by day or you …

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Nourish Your Soul

How we connect with our food is how we connect with nourishment. So, when we eat well and what fulfils us, we give a nudge to our soul and validate its craving. What we put on our plate is our business. Eat Well What I bite into is what makes …

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Watch Your Self-talk

It is one thing that everyday we converse with people and we get feedback and we are told things. Sometimes we mull over these words for long and sometimes through our entire lives. Some words of praise shape our lives, some words of encouragement help us grow and at times …

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