Stop Self-sabotage

Self-sabotage – the worm in the wood which slowly eats away at our potentiality as professionals, as humans when you allow your own weaknesses to eat away at yourself. How do you really identify self-sabotage? Imagine a situation where you want to write a book and every time you plan …

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Manage your mental health

You know yourself the best. When you feel out of sync, when you don’t feel together and integrated in your body and mind – you know it. But do you act on the same or ignore? Do you allow your stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression build day by day or you …

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Watch Your Self-talk

It is one thing that everyday we converse with people and we get feedback and we are told things. Sometimes we mull over these words for long and sometimes through our entire lives. Some words of praise shape our lives, some words of encouragement help us grow and at times …

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Top 20 tips for Selflove

20 Tips for self Love

Welcome to episode 20 of the SELFLOVE WITH SHARMILA podcast. It is a big celebratory episode – 20 weeks of selflove and I can say my own selflove practice has grown immensely thorough these weeks. If you are a listener of this audio cast – I would love to hear …

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Do you over-function?

Do you over-function

. A perfect balance in any partnership is easier said than achieved . Most partnerships turn resentful when one is an over functioner. . An over functioner steps above the brief – takes on more than is needed and healthy and in the long term, burns out and renders the …

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You Can Mother Yourself

Mother Yourself

. Motherhood comes with a whole set of expectations – can you meet them all? Of course not. . How to walk the golden mean of being the perfect mother? Don’t even go there. . Complete acceptance and nurture – a mother is naturally wired to offer these. . A …

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Who needs Monday motivation?

Who needs Monday motivation

We all know about the Monday work motivation – what about a Monday selflove motivation? In my podcast on building self-trust Let’s begin Setting three big goals for yourself and three for each day? What are the three big goals you can achieve this week? Say for me, I …

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