Who needs Monday motivation?

We all know about the Monday work motivation – what about a Monday selflove motivation?

In my podcast on building self-trust


Let’s begin

Setting three big goals for yourself and three for each day? What are the three big goals you can achieve this week? Say for me, I would like to organize my papers and put the winter clothes away and read at least two good e-books.

Zero down

Boiling down to today, I will zero down on three activities that will help me push forward to those three bigger goals for the week. I would look up the two books I really want to pick up today and may be start reading one tonight – that’s goal number one, done for the day. I will take out my winter clothes and pile them up so I can later sort them tomorrow – that’s job number two done. Three, I will start researching for the coming podcast which I create each weekend. So those are three goals I want to achieve today to set things in motion for the week.

Small steps

Small actions like these keep me going. Whenever a big task looms, try and make bite sized tasks and before you know, it will be done.

Check back

As the day rolls, you will be bombarded by distractions – it is something that normally happens to us when we set a goal. But make sure you get to tick mark all your goals tonight! That’s how we show commitment to ourselves. That’s selflove.

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