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Top 20 tips for Selflove

Welcome to episode 20 of the SELFLOVE WITH SHARMILA podcast.

It is a big celebratory episode – 20 weeks of selflove and I can say my own selflove practice has grown immensely thorough these weeks. If you are a listener of this audio cast – I would love to hear your feedback on the same and you are welcome to write to me at

It is one thing to indulge yourself once in a while – but it is another thing to be absolutely devoted to your own good. Basically, how to not lose interest in selflove. To mark this week, I have 20 tips for you from a galaxy of suggestions.

1. Don’t be too tough on yourself. Be compassionate with yourself and be thankful to yourself for all that you have put up with, ventured into, showed up for. Selflove is selfcompassion.

2. Don’t limit yourself. Limiting your self starts with limiting your thoughts and narrow self-perception. Have the courage to expand your life.

3. Do not let others opinion of you, become your reality. People will often have an opinion about you from their own reality or state of thinking, Don’t bother too much about that.

4.  Make a daily selfcare routine and stick to it. The biggest challenge is to be able to first find a routine with all ingredients for your good and then sticking by it. It’s a great idea to have green tea, but see you do so every day. Its lovely to use an aloevera face pack – to soothe your skin, but see that you do so often. Consistency is the buzzword for selfcare.

5. Eat health food – sounds like a cliché right? But this is easier said than done and we all know it.

6. Don’t bother too much about what others are saying about you. Learn to focus on your own wellness.

7. Do not try to please people. People pleasing is actually a sign of dependence and may divert you from your own goals.

8. Do not become an approval seeker’ Actually approval seekers are also people pleasers, But imagine always trying to please others in order to be approved of – will you not that way lose touch with yourself?

9. Dress to be happy. Trying to fit is perhaps worst manifested in what we wear. Pick clothes that make you happy, every day.

10. Be your own best friend. If you can’t befriend yourself – how do you think you will be able to strike friendships?

11. Surround yourself with people who lift you up. People rub off on us. Surround yourself with people who make you happy.

12. Invest in yourself. A study course, a new book, a subscription to a great magazine – what ever may be your food for growth – invest in it.

13. Stay invested in yourself. Don’t give up too easily. Stay invested in yourself. Selflove is about standing by yourself all through the journey.

14. Make big plans for yourself. Don’t shrink you plans to make it convenient for everyone.

15. Don’t sell yourself short. An easy follow up of point fourteen – when you shrink yourself, you also short-sell yourself.

16. Be a continuous learner. There is no substitute for learning.

17. Get health check ups. There can be no selflove without good health. Keep a check on your health and see whether you are doing your best to maintain it.

18. Forgive the past. Don’t get trapped in the bygones. Train yourself to live in the present.

19. Protect your energy. Because not everyone around you will be a cheerleader for yourself love. So pick and choose interactions.

20. Keep listening to Selflove With Sharmila.

That’s all I have for this week – and I shall be back again with yet another episode of Selflove With Sharmila. Keep Listening to SELFLOVE WITH SHARMILA. On Spotify