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How To Live Up Your Creativity

If there has been ONE thing which the lockdown has taught me – it is that creativity is no longer an indulgence – it is a necessity – the most vital tool that we may have to hone and exercise for the rest of our lives. In fact to be creative in solving problems of livelihood, health, entertainment and even food and nourishment will be the biggest goal and target for us, our children and their children. How to solve your problem with limited resource, despite high constraints would create new benchmarks.

The lockdown has pushed all of us to think of new ways of thinking. Each of us have very quickly adapted to new ways of staying engaged and alive over last few weeks. All of us tapped into the inner resource which we forget to exercise – creativity, original thinking, finding new solutions to old problems. In fact just when humanity thought that it has solved most of the problems for itself, the pandemic has shown that indeed we have still many more problems to solve on this planet before solving the problems of the moon and mars. While problem solving is one part of creative thinking – creative expression for entertainment and inspiration is vital.

Look how we were either creatively solving problems or spending time consuming  creative content for entertainment. Creativity is the seed of universe within us, calling us to express itself. When we create we vibrate to the frequency of the universe. The world as we see it is nothing but a continuous process of creation – a cycle – a flow. Now, not everyone is automatically tuned in to feel creative and start churning words, music, art – but there are a few ways in which we can make it a habit to get into the creative mode daily or as frequently as want to build a fulfilling life.

The first step is to be inspired. Inspiration always comes from a higher place – love, spirituality, service – whatever may it be.