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How To Practice Mindfulness In A Crazy World

Mindfulness may should like a piece of cake, until you decide to practice it. In fact, as if like some twisted magic, the more you decide to focus on the moment at hand, all sorts of triggers surface and vex you.

You sit down to eat your breakfast. You want to focus on your cereals and chew carefully and then, your paper guy rings the bell and asks you to pay. You dash for the wallet and then he says he doesn’t have change. You have a small discussion about how he can adjust the balance next month and so on. By the time you return to your table, your attempt at mindfulness has been torn to shreds. You gulp down your breakfast and get on with the day.

Interruptions externally are common when we start on the journey towards mindful living. The other sort of distraction is internal — more like being bombarded by inner conflicts that would not let the mind rest. Distracting thoughts are mental clutter that prevent focus. However – the road to mindfulness is paved by silencing mental chatter. As we tackle each thought, we get a step closer to awareness.

Silence in our living environment starts with inner silence. The environment we are in, quite often reflects our inner being. The more people discuss the importance of mindfulness, being in the present and elimination of distraction, the more we realise that our immediate world outside has very little to support that sort of peace. Triggers would push you to the brink of restlessness, unless you get a grip and then 

What is mindfulness really? Mindfulness is about being aware of the moment, the sensation, the feelings that arise at a certain time. It is about bringing full attention to a moment and observing our co-relation with it. A moment of mindfulness reveals a lot about who we are and what we want to do. 

There are various techniques to achieve this state of focus and the point of practicing mindfulness is that we should come back to this state again and again through the day, despite challenges.

How does one start a journey with mindfulness? Mindfulness starts by slowing down and paying attention. Paying attention to your breath, your thought, feeling, responses and observing them all without judgment. Initially, when starting out with mindfulness practice, out is common to feel restless, so it is best one starts with small steps. As you bring your awareness to the moment, accept all thoughts and emotions and validate them and then slowly let go. The process would help eliminate most fleeting thoughts and stimuli and help you grasp the crystal clear picture of the moment. Your senses converge, you are aware, you are mindful. Now imagine living every moment of our lives like this.

Not everyone can go for mindfulness retreats but if you want to slowly bring in the practice in your daily life, there are various apps available for support. The essential steps to embark on a mindfulness journey is to start with an intent for doing so. The simple techniques for mindfulness practice is to watch your breath, bring forth acceptance without judgment and absorb the essence of the moment.

Studies on mindfulness psychology shows that a regular and dedicated practice could lead to less stress, better focus and clear judgment. It could also lead to less emotional reactivity, and over all help in brining calm and peace.

The way to develop your mindfulness practice is to start small with a few minutes and keep returning to a mindful state consciously through the day. Eventually, if practices consistently, you will find yourself living your best, conscious mindful life.