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How To Practice LKM – Loving Kindness Meditation

All action ultimately begins with a thought – what thoughts we are sending or directing towards our own life is significant in determining how we perceive ourselves. We build our self-image with the repeated thoughts we send towards ourselves.

While we may live in a state of flux through the day, we can actively practice the art of developing loving kindness through a meditative practice, popular among Buddhists also known as the loving kindness meditation or LKM practice.

It is best that you do this at the end of day, every day for a few minutes. You can sit down in meditation and over some time calm yourself and centre your thoughts. At this point, you can send towards yourself, loving and kind words.

It may be difficult for many because we are often taught to be critical of ourselves by the judgment we may have received over the years. So initially as you start practicing LKM, you may have some inner resistance to deal with – but you will soon feel better as you repeat a few times.

So, you can begin with sending loving thoughts towards your own life and mentally repeat phrases like – May I be happy; May I be Safe; May I be healthy, peaceful and strong; May I give and receive appreciation today. After sending these powerful positive thoughts towards your life – as you begin to feel full of positivity and goodness, you can start sending the same thoughts to another person – unconditionally – may be a friend, a partner or a sibling.

As you continue to do this, you will slowly be able to extend this goodness to more and  more people and it will soon help you be in an expanded state – of self-acceptance and selflove.

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