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Can You Easily Cook For Yourself?

Homemade food is the best kind of food there is, then why do we throng food courts?

. We all have an individual relationship with food

. How we eat and what we eat and how much we eat are all linked to how conscious we are about our body needs and health

. Overeating, starving, emotional eating, skipping meals, binge eating or drinking just reflect our emotional response to food

. Being able to cook for yourself is a great sign of selfcare and selflove

. As we work on ourselves and become more and more mindful about our needs, our eating pattern changes

. As we shift towards healthy, soul food – meals become a feat and we transform our health inside out

Why is it so difficult to cook for ourselves?

Over the last few weeks it was very interesting to see people coming out and making food posts on social media – fancy cakes, desserts, their favorite meal were all out there in pretty pictures – like a feast.

Celebrating food, especially homemade food is such a good thing. Why do we ever need to give up on the luxury of wholesome homemade food?

But that is not what this podcast is about. Here we are going to explore our personal relationship with food.

As much as I love cooking – it has been one long journey for myself to be able to fix a meal for myself cooked to suit my tastes. Its very easy to cook for others – because you do it out of love or know it will earn you appreciation – cooking for my friends personally is one of my greatest joys as it could be for so many of you.

We all have a relationship with food. Our food habits speak a lot about how much we care for ourselves. Emotional eating, skipping meals, over eating, binge drinking – if we were to understand more closely – they are all disorders in their own way.

As we increasingly get aligned with ourselves, our food habits improve and we become more choosy about what we eat – in a good way or rather we try and pick up things to eat food which is good for us.

What I however realised is most important is to be able to cook for yourself. Getting to know your own taste buds, what you relish and what you love to eat and how is a great step towards good self-nourishment.

But where do we start? Listen to the podcast: