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Smell Your Way In

For last seven weeks, I have been publishing episodes of a selflove podcast.

It feels great to be creating something I have been wanting to, for a while now – a personal growth platform to encourage others as much as myself to live up to our best. Producing this podcast for last few weeks has been full of insights on commitment to self-improvement. While my podcast, Selflove With Sharmila is now available on all podcast platforms, I post here today, a part of my seventh and latest episode. You can listen to it here:


Welcome to Episode Seven of Selflove with sharmila – my weekly podcast is as much about waking myself to selflove as it is for you.

As I explore ways and ideas to keep tapping on inherent knowledge and help integrate them in our daily lives and keep the focus right where it belongs – to our personal wellness and wellbeing. This week, the podcast is about something I’m passionate about – aroma, perfume, good smell, incense. Your sense of smell is the most powerful way of guiding you to inner wellbeing. We perceive our world through the five senses – touch, vision, taste, smell and hearing ability. We will explore this week what good smell does to us when we can use it to get to feel more grounded in our physical experience.

Those of us who have been raised in traditional Indian homes, know that twice a day we burn incense in the house. Good incense is part of our daily lives – some special ones used for clearing the energy of our houses, frankincense, loban, camphor and so on. Sandalwood, rose, jasmine are common household aroma, which is easily a part of the culture. Aroma oils are not so new, but alternate additions to this existing culture of adding good smell to our living environment daily. People have used aroma for treatment for years. Each of us use it in some form of the other – not all of us use it consciously each day, but they still are very much part of our habits. When I give reiki treatment to anyone in person, I use aroma oils to make the healing experience powerful. Humans have used aromatherapy since ancient cultures – resins, balms, oils we have known their value for years – while they are strongly used for religious purposes – they have strong psychological benefits as they help to shift mood by bringing in a sense of calm, joy or even induce sleep. There are hundreds of different aromas on the market, but it is natural to get drawn to a few that you absolutely love.

I burn my aroma oils on a diffuser usually or make a concoction and use it with my bath salts – both work like magic. You can use aroma s to manage pain, improve sleep quality, reduce stress, agitation, and anxiety, soothe muscles and even boost immunity. There has been research all over the world to prove the effect of aroma on the quality of sleep and mood. I find it the easiest way to settle down by end of day. Just light a diffuser, and let the aroma do the work – as you breathe in your favourite smell deeply, you are easily going to shift to an expanded state which can help redirect you to where your attention should belong – your own wellbeing. Integrate the power of good smell in your daily life – let it be one of the selflove things you do for yourself.