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Self sabotage

Self-sabotage – the worm in the wood which slowly eats away at our potentiality as professionals, as humans when you allow your own weaknesses to eat away at yourself.

How do you really identify self-sabotage?

Imagine a situation where you want to write a book and every time you plan a good long session to write it out, you think of two or more things to do and while attending to them first, you give up on the time slot you fixed for yourself to write your book.

Your procrastination kicked in and drove you away from your own goal for the day.

Self-sabotage is dangerous simply because no one really knows how it creeps in. So, what are the traits of self-sabotage?

The typical 10 signs are

  1. Excessive self-criticism
  2. Not being able to see the positive side of a situation
  3. Procrastination
  4. Cluttered
  5. Not feeling authentic
  6. Indulgence
  7. Conflict
  8. Lack of focus
  9. Comparison
  10. Questioning Your Purpose

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