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Self Improvement

On fulfilment

Self-denial, the willingness to give up personal pleasures for the sake of another – the doctrine is so ingrained in many cultures world-over that when you talk about self-nourishment, self-care it almost sounds like counter-culture. Skipping meals, skipping pleasures, being hard on yourself, and basically avoiding what your heart desires may seem poetic but are primarily behaviors that spring from and in turn give birth

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Self sabotage

Self-sabotage – the worm in the wood which slowly eats away at our potentiality as professionals, as humans when you allow your own weaknesses to eat away at yourself. How do you really identify self-sabotage? Imagine a situation where you want to write a book and every time you plan a good long session to write it out, you think of two or more things

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How To Practice LKM – Loving Kindness Meditation

All action ultimately begins with a thought – what thoughts we are sending or directing towards our own life is significant in determining how we perceive ourselves. We build our self-image with the repeated thoughts we send towards ourselves. While we may live in a state of flux through the day, we can actively practice the art of developing loving kindness through a meditative practice,

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Stay aligned

No matter how long you have been doing something, if it is not something that you like immerse in, or if it does not consume you, it is pointless. . Have the courage to seek what is your one true calling – and nourish that. . Half-hearted work, half-hearted love also means a life half-lived. . There is no point in building a track-record in