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The Self-love Project

This year, it is different.

This year is not about pushing around, setting lofty targets. This year is about listening. It is about listening closely to many a whisper from the heart that have gone unheard.

It is about self-love and acceptance.

Life-bruised souls, so little we do to make time and listen. Rest, reflection and becoming whole is work. They need effort. This is a cry to listen up to forgotten dreams, to childish fancies. It is time to stop running. It is time to make time.

Pay Attention.

A healing journey that I started 10 years ago, has taken me through a long-winded journey. Finally, the message through the growth path has been of self-acceptance, forgiveness to emerge peaceful and whole.

Self-love is a profound emotion. It is about being able to see yourself in the mirror without the veneer of your adopted masks. It is about facing your true vulnerability and loving yourself for your scars. It is also about learning your true human value and embracing your path.

The damage caused by others action is sometimes immense. The damage we cause ourselves is immense too. Both need forgiving.

But before all that can start, we must foremost commit to ourselves in this journey. No matter how or when we may have been left alone, we always had ourselves by our own side.

We abandon ourselves, move from our determined paths and forget our dreams. The biggest act of self-love is to have to be your own true friend.

No matter what., hold yourself tight.

Let me take you through this wonderful journey – let me help you give yourself RIDICULOUS amounts of LOVE.

Let me help you fall in love with YOU.