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Watch Your Self talk

It is one thing that everyday we converse with people and we get feedback and we are told things. Sometimes we mull over these words for long and sometimes through our entire lives. Some words of praise shape our lives, some words of encouragement help us grow and at times some words hurt us endlessly.

What we are told is important – but at the same time, what we are telling ourselves is even more important. Self-talk is that continuous rumination that plays on our mind, an internal dialogue that continues at all times – trying to process and pivot. Self-talk or what you tell yourself can steer your life. How to shape your self-talk with selflove? How to use your self-talk for self-improvement?

There has been a lot of discussion world over on how positive and encouraging self-talk can help inspire courage, pull ourselves out of dumps, bring hope and push us towards positive action. Self-talk is a powerful tool. To harness it, you need to watch your self-talk, choose empowering things to tell yourself and shape your reality. Click the link to listen to my podcast on how to watch your self-talk:

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