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Who Determines Your Worth?

When a crisis hits, as it has now – the first thing that gets affected is ‘value’ – What is your value – at work – what is your value, in relationships – to people you spend time with. But this sort of value is about what utility you are bringing to the other person’s life – are you a support to their aspirations and wellbeing? Are your fuelling their dreams or even escape?

Self-worth at work

At workplace – it is about what you are contributing or what is being extracted from you – what is your cost-effectiveness, so, it basically just boils down to some bare bone facts.

People face all of this from time to time in their lives – but it is perhaps now a glaring global truth – the big question of what is your value. You can coach yourself to calibrate your true value.

So what Is my value? Is it about how useful I am to you to cater to your needs? About how much I fuel your aspiration or your expectations?

Do I make you laugh, feel good or aid your success?

Yes if this is a professional setting with defined expectations for which you are paid.

Self-worth and relationships

But in personal space, what is your value? In the personal space, your value is determined by familiarity, shared values – compassion, love, safety and goodwill.

What is your personal growth journey. What do you score in the selflove department?

So, your selflove score determines your self-worth score

. It Is Time To Measure Your True Worth

. No one can make your feel redundant without your permission

. Others value you depending on their needs and wants – that has nothing to do with who you are

. Your value to a person and organisation can change when it is based on transaction and the needs have either been met or not

. As long as we remain committed to ourselves, we remain invested in ourselves

. Remember, no externality  – a circumstance, a person can make me valueless or redundant

. Learn to value yourself for your true qualities – resilience, cheerfulness, joy, commitment, purpose, honesty, transparency, courage.

. What are your qualities which you are proud of?

. The only one who determines your worth is YOU.

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