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You Can Mother Yourself

. Motherhood comes with a whole set of expectations – can you meet them all? Of course not.

. How to walk the golden mean of being the perfect mother? Don’t even go there.

. Complete acceptance and nurture – a mother is naturally wired to offer these.

. A human mother can never be the epitome of motherhood – each of us have flaws; lets accept that and move on

. Separate your human mother from your idea of motherhood

. If you have mother-wound and think your mother was not enough for you in nurture, care, attention, find out which areas of life area affected by this feeling

. Tend to these areas of your life with self-parenting. Self-mothering techniques – nurture yourself

. Find a proxy mom for areas of your life where you think need support for growth –  mostly a mentor or a coach.

. Acknowledge the mother inside you and see what are you nurturing and growing

. Mothers are human and also carry wounds and flaws – accept your mom and she accepts you, unconditionally.

On Being Your Own Mom

Motherhood is perhaps so complicated because it is loaded with expectations and many times mothers fall in the danger of extremes of being over-caring or negligent mothers. What is a well-balanced role for a mother then? To fall somewhere in the middle – a golden mean – to care enough but not smother, to teach enough but leave room for self-growth; to nurture but also teach self-reliance. Motherhood is about unconditional love and complete acceptance.

Is There A Perfect Mother?

A mother has no choice, but to accept the child as is. This is where trust builds and this is why a critical mother often both hurts and harms a child and impedes their growth. Motherhood is about nurture and education – nurturing the child until the child becomes independent and self-reliant and free to seek a world of his own. Is there an ideal mother? The mother who tread this line of fine balance and never flounders? I suspect – specially because there are so many sides of us that a human mother may unknowingly fail to discover and nurture a child to the best, despite her intentions.